For most people, the first thing that you think of when a movie looks appealing or not is who is actually in the movie. The actors and actresses can appeal to certain people, which draws in fans all on its own. People are also loyal to certain directors, and are willing to see any film that has that particular person at the helm.

You probably don’t think about who is going to be producing the movie, but film studios seem to try and make it a big selling point. In commercials you’ll likely see something along the lines of “From the producers of ____” or use a famous name, especially Steven Spielberg. These producers are also the ones that accept the Oscar for Best Picture each year, but what exactly are they doing?

Well, without a producer, a film simply wouldn’t happen. One veteran producer in Hollywood says that his job as akin to being a sports team owner. They’re the ones that have to pick out all of the right pieces for the crew to make the movie work. They pick the right casting agents, directors and more to make sure the film operates all while funding the movie and keeping it under the studio’s budget.

Sometimes a producer will buy a script or simply an idea and then hire a screenwriter to create the script. After the pieces are in place, the producer sticks around the set to make sure things are running smoothly and might make some changes whether the director agrees or not. After filming is complete, the producers will have the final say on the editing, and then have to set out to market their film.

So while the general public might think that a producer is someone that just writes the checks and takes all of the credit, there’s a lot more to it than that. Producers can be very hands-on, and sometimes their vision of the movie is more along the lines of what you’ll see than the people who are directing, acting and editing. So when you see their names first during the credits, you now know why.