In the modern era of cinema, films very rarely stay at the top of the weekend list for more than a couple of weeks, and that includes the largest blockbusters. There’s always a fresh new blockbuster just around the corner and it’s become a strategy. Studios want to release their big film a few weeks before and after the others so that they can claim the number one spot of the weekend. Things weren’t always like that, though, and some movies were able to hold the number one spot for multiple months, consecutively. Here are four films that had at least 12 straight weeks at being number one.

Home Alone (12 Weeks)

“Home Alone”, by nature, is a Christmas film. That’s why it was released in November, just before Thanksgiving in 1990. The film faced a solid opening, too, earning $17 million in its opening weekend. Over the course of the next few weeks, the movie starring Macaulay Culkin kept raking in the dough, staying at eight figures per weekend, topping out at $25 million the weekend after Christmas. “Home Alone” was the box office king for 12 weekends in a row, meaning that in 1991, a Christmas movie was the top film of the week in February.

Tootsie (13 Weeks)

Younger crowds might forget just how big “Tootsie” starring Dustin Hoffman was at the box office. It was released in December 1982, opening at number one with a $5.5 million opening weekend in just under 1,000 theaters. Because of the initial success, “Tootsie” saw an expanded release for the weeks that followed, reaching a high of $11.2 million in the New Year’s weekend into 1983. It wasn’t until March 20th that “Tootsie” dropped to number two, but rebounded to number one again in April, totaling $177.2 million in ticket sales.

Beverly Hills Cop (13 Weeks)

The youngsters might also not realize just how big of a box office draw Eddie Murphy was during his prime in the 1980s. The “Saturday Night Live” alum and stand-up legend had many successful films during the decade, which was highlighted by “Beverly Hills Cop” that debuted in December 1984, opening at number one with $15.2 million. Like the others, the final weekend of the year (being a holiday and all) helped it to reach its peak of $20 million in a single weekend. “Beverly Hills Cop” wasn’t dethroned until March 1985, and came back to number one the following week for a victory lap before finally falling down the charts a bit. When it was taken out of theaters in the summer, “Beverly Hills Cop” was still in the top 12.

Titanic (15 Weeks)

Nothing is ever going to top the amount of time that James Cameron’s “Titanic” did, spending 15 weeks in a row at number one. The initial release, like the others, came in a December, this time in 1997 with $28.6 million. The holds on a week-by-week basis were also unprecedented as the numbers hardly dropped for months, and even had times where it kept going back up. January 16-19, 1998 saw the biggest weekend for “Titanic” with $36 million. All in all, the film made $600.7 million domestically.