A lot of people have a dream of writing a movie and securing millions from investors to make the production. There’s one small problem, though, you actually have to make the movie. Adam Joiner, a 41 year old man from Los Angeles, told investors that he wrote a movie called “Legends”. Basically, the premise is that it would be a steampunk version of “The Avengers” with historical figures like Davy Crockett.

Joiner made his way to South Korea where he met with a firm that invests in movies. Joiner showed them a finished script and told them that the film would be broadcast exclusively on Netflix, but just needed more funding. The firm agreed to give $8 million to the project, wiring Joiner $4 million of that upfront.

Joiner thought he could get away with more than that, so he stayed in Korea and got another $4 million. With $8 million in his pocket, Joiner made the short trip to China where he convinced another firm to hand him over $6 million. Not only was the Netflix aspect of Joiner’s pitch alluring for investors, but he had convinced them that “Transformers” producer Don Murphy was onboard, but Murphy quit the project when there were no detailed plans moving forward.

After receiving the other $4 million from the first investor, Joiner stopped giving updates to his three major investors. They had been calling and calling, but those calls weren’t returned. Joiner was then reported to the FBI and was given several charges that could land him in prison for over 30 years.

“He spent much of the money on himself,” the prosecutor said following his arrest. So while Joiner was able to enjoy the lifestyle of someone that had $18 million in their bank account for a brief period, the good times didn’t last for long as the hoax came crashing down. As for “Legends”, there’s at least a script there and a producer that showed interest, so maybe we’ll see it on the screen at some point.