When you were a child (or maybe you just don’t have a large appetite as an adult), you always looked forward to getting a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. It wasn’t the food that you were really excited for, though, it was the toy that came with the Happy Meal. This has been going on since the release of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” in 1979 became the first Happy Meal tie-in.

In the 40 years since then, McDonald’s and movie studios have had an extensive history together. There have been some very cool toys (or other items) that came with Happy Meals, as well as some questionable ones. A lot of people have even held on to the better ones, as they can still be used today.

When the Super Looney Tunes set was released, people couldn’t get enough of them. It showed Bugs Bunny as Superman and Daffy Duck as Batman. A lot of kids might also remember playing with bath toys from the movie “The Little Mermaid”, all of which had different functions that were a lot of fun.

Disney fans went into a further craze when founder Walt Disney’s 100 birthday was celebrated posthumously by the fast food chain. 100 different figures were released, so your chances of getting all of them were almost zero. For those that went above and beyond to collect all 100 can now sell them for a pretty good price as a unit.

Many other films have had tie-ins, from animated features like “Minions” with a set that’s worth a lot to live action movies such as “Inspector Gadget” and “Star Wars”. It’s not just McDonald’s that has collaborated with movies to showcase toys for children, either, as others have followed suit. Everything from Burger King and Taco Bell to Wendy’s and Subway have all done movie tie-ins. There’s a history there, and the partnership between fast food and movies will not stop any time soon.