While 2019 featured some massive hits, especially from the superhero market (“Avengers”, “Captain Marvel” and “Spider-Man”), there have also been some major flops. As the year winds down, some of these money pits made headlines while others seemed to have completely gone by the wayside. Here are some of the year’s most disappointing box office performances.

Serenity – The Steven Knight film starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway carried a budget of $25 million and opened in more than 2,500 theaters. It finished eighth in its opening weekend, and limped to just over $8.5 million in ticket sales.

Uglydolls – There were hopes that the Uglydolls franchise could be converted into a major motion picture franchise. STX Entertainment was desperate for it to happen, and spent $45 million on the budget. It barely finished in the top five during its opening weekend and finished with $20.1 million domestically.

Hellboy – The “Hellboy” reboot in 2019 featured a new director and main actor, as well as a $50 million budget. Fans of the series didn’t turn out, however. The Neil Marshall film was third in its opening weekend and ended up at $21.9 million

Missing Link – Like “Uglydolls”, “Missing Link” was supposed to be a huge hit for United Artists, and they were confident it would work with a $100 million budget. They even cast stars like Zach Galifianakis, Hugh Jackman and Zoe Saldana. It became a massive flop, though, landing in ninth place during opening weekend and earned a measly $16.6 million in the end.

The Kid Who Would Be King – The fantasy adventure film by 20th Century Fox had high expectations, and a budget of $59 million. Instead, it earned just $16.79 million at the box office with a fourth place finish in its highest earning weekend. Not even Patrick Stewart was able to save the film.